some work in relation to my previous academic positions

Look through  the publications and related projects (EU projects for most)

CLINF (NordForsk funded project)

Whilst at UoS (University of Sheffield) I was involved in this very interesting project on Climate Sensitive Infections (CSI), the CLINF project. I'm carrying on this work within my new status (Self-Employed), e.g. association between land cover change and CSI incidences (borelia, TBE, tularemia)

R  package PTAk

Extending Principal Component Analysis  or Singular Value Decomposition to multiway table with the PTAk approach offering an orthogonal nested decomposition of the sum of squares (see the JStatSoft paper and applications in CLINF, TALISMAN, ROSELT ...)

Data science and GIS working for Dikoda on various projects on Nutrition and diets with Unicef,  WFP, WVC ...

Research & Innovation expert evaluator for Europe FP7, H2020 programmes, EIT Health  InnoStars Europe, Enterprise Ireland, CGIAR BigData initiative, ...

Climate Change Adaptation (predictions / projections / decisions)

Completing working with Land Surface Modelling simulated data I followed the C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service) training to be able to use more swiftly their excellent Climate data store, python Toolbox and API.

Teaching at EPF 2021/2022

Major in Data Engineer

Dimensionality Reduction module: redundancy, curse of dimensionality, feature selection, latent variable (PCA, SVD, CA, MDS,  and beyond, e.g. t-SNE, NMF, ICA, CCA, PLS, tensor analysis)