C2moi ... over the last 15 years!

Vous recherchez plus l’appui d’une personne avec une grande expérience de la recherche pour traiter vos données plutôt qu’une « boîte de stat » … contactez- moi !

You’re looking for a support to analyse your data more from a person (Dr Didier Leibovici) with

a long research experience rather than a standard service from a « stat cie » … contact- me!

Hi, I'm Didier Leibovici and I am located in Montpellier, France (if it matters). My academic research mostly in the UK has facetted the types of services and consultancy I can provide in the domains of geospatial data science and geolocated information.

What you see below used to be part of my academic CV!

Profile in data analytics of spatial information with data modelling and statistical analysis with (geo)data from different contexts, such as: spatial epidemiology, agro-ecological monitoring, dynamics of population studies, location-based citizen crowdsourcing of environmental information, etc.

Background at the intersection of geospatial information science, data mining, computing methodologies and open technologies; dual competency in statistics and computing science, with a focus through data interoperability, on providing tools to manage, combine within scientific workflows and analyse large datasets from various heterogeneous sources.

Interests in data information interaction, extraction and associations existing in spatio-temporal multi-attribute analysis within integrated modelling approaches.; meta-information (e.g., provenance, uncertainty and data quality) with conflation and fusion models and its role in the design of the architecture of systems using geocomputational data analytics within an interdisciplinary context.


voilà !

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I have kept contacts with academia in the UK and in particular with the Environmental Dynamics group led by Pr. Shaun Quegan at the University of Sheffield, UK where I still hold the title of Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics & Statistics.

Work experience

17 years of research in leading UK universities (Oxford, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield); 5 years at IRD (France); 2 years at Sanofi-Recherche (France); 4 years at INSERM (France); international context and European research programme (7 EU projects), UK, France, LMIC (in Africa and South-Asia); 45 articles (21 as 1st author), 67 communications in symposiums (21 extended abstracts, 4-6 pages); Excellent spoken and written French (native) and English (17 years)

Conseil en sciences des données Géo-spatiotemporelles & R analYtics (GeotRYcs)

Entreprise Individuelle enregistrée en France: Didier Leibovici SIREN n°888 866 878

Geo-spatiotemporal data & R analYtics (GeotRYcs) consultancy